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Our offers in the field of non-surgical procedures

  • Botox - dynamic muscle relaxation
  • Wrinkle reduction with hyaluronic acid
  • Own fat and stem cell therapy
  • Cellulite treatment - skin reinforcement and fat cell reduction (lipodissolve)
  • Neckline and cleavage - anatomic regeneration of the skin through stem cell activation
  • Sweating - curettage and botox treatment
  • Mesotherapy - 3-step concept - medicinal needling, vitamin and hyaluronic acid cocktail
  • Skin peeling - dermabrasio and chemical peeling
  • Fat cell drainage (ultrasound)
  • Depilation with flash lamp
  • Attractive knees, attractive elbows and attractive hands
  • Permanent make-up


Simply contact us is you are interested in one of the services listed above! You will find our telephone number on the right. An overview of the cosmetic surgery procedures that we offer can be found on the home page.



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