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Breast augmentation with breast implants - Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk

Breast augmentation is one of the most important areas of plastic-aesthetic surgery - and at our clinics in Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Graz. Our doctors have experience gained from numerous operations and apply state-of-the-art knowledge and the latest methods in breast augmentation surgery.



The desire for larger and more attractive breasts ...

Breasts are the physical structure that highlight femininity most strongly.


Are you one of those women whose natural breasts do not correspond to your own ideal image? More many women their breasts are an expression of femininity and fertility.


For this reason many patients decide to visit a plastic-aesthetic-surgery consultant in order to lend nature a helping hand. Augmentation can increase self-confidence and improve your feeling about your own body.


Today, breast augmentation means many different things. Each breast implant is different, enabling a whole range of patient requests to be fulfilled. You yourself can decide what your new breasts will look like. Today there are more shapes than the plump apple shape and more natural pear shape.


The decision as to whether and how you wish to change the volume and/or shape of your breasts is yours. It is your appearance that is at stake and for this reason it is very important that you feel good after the breast augmentation.



Information is important - allow us to advise you!

Not all breasts are the same, and the same also applies to implants.


In a personal meeting with Dr. Wolfgang Funk - consultant for plastic and aesthetic surgery - we will inform about breast augmentation and advise you regarding your wishes and goals for plastic-aesthetic correction. You will have the opportunity to voice your ideas and our consultants will explain if these are achievable.


Implants are available in a number of different variants. Our surgeons will help you to select the size and shape of implant best suited to your body. This enables you to form a unit with your new breasts.


In our clinics there are three different options for breast augmentation. You can choose one of the familiar silicon implants, characterised by a high degree of stability and safety.


Implanting own fat is not always possible. Your body must have a sufficient amount of removable fat, otherwise this method cannot be applied.


Many patients suffer from excessively large breasts - information regarding this can be found under "breast reduction".


Dr. Funk carries out breast reduction surgery in Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Graz, the telephone numbers for contacting the respective clinics can be found in the column on the right.





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