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Cosmetic surgery on the head - Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk in Munich

The face is a mirror of your personality!


People's appearance is primarily perceived and assessed via their face. In addition, the face also plays a key role in human communication. With the aid of facial expression we can express numerous emotions. The face is therefore a mirror of our personality.


At the same time, there is also a social trend in which youth and its associated attributes such as attractiveness and vitality have assumed an enormous significance. It is therefore unsurprising that many people are concerned by the structure and effect of their face as well as signs of ageing.


The implementation of cosmetic surgery in the area of the head, particularly the face, constitutes a large part of our range of treatment. A particular focus here is upon the facelift. The facelift enables the general rejuvenation of the face.



Preserving facial characteristics - part of our philosophy of beauty

Our cosmetic clinic has developed a concept in which treatment is individually tailored to your face and its expression. A wide range of treatment methods and techniques are available for this, developed to the latest standards of medical knowledge.


We offer you modern facelift surgery and facial slimming with all sub aspects such as forehead lifts and neck lifts, the mannequin lift, eyelid tautening, removal of lachrymal sacs, brow lifts, ear pinning and eye correction as well as profile enhancement and optimisation via nose correction, cheek and chin augmentation or correction using your own fat or implants.


Our concept is based on naturalness and permanence. The facelift is conducted in a careful manner, so that the expressiveness of the face is preserved. Our goal is to restore a youthful freshness to your appearance.


The cosmetic surgery itself is minimally invasive, i.e. involves only the smallest of incisions. The line of the incision is adapted individually to your face.


Both the facelift and other operations on the face, such as eyelid tautening or nose correction, are undertaken with the aid of techniques that leave behind discreet, almost invisible scars. The minimally invasive surgery also enables a very short stay at the clinic and speedy return to everyday life.


One thing common to all of our forms of treatment is that they are carried out with the continuous consultation, support and observation of our expert staff. The selection of a suitable method and time for the treatment is undertaken in collaboration with you in the form of a personal consultation.



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