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About us – Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk

Beauty Clinic Dr. Funk is a private specialist clinic. Both in-patient and out-patient surgical procedures in the plastic-aesthetic field are conducted here.

There is great confusion amongst patients regarding the term plastic surgery. This refers to reconstructive surgery.


Cosmetic surgery is a purely superficial surgical procedure and concerns the exterior functional appearance of the patient.


Following their surgical and plastic surgical training, consultant doctors in this field should be specifically trained for the area of aesthetic surgery, in order to be able to provide patients with the best therapy that they require. In addition, the doctor should also have a feel for the harmony of form and function.


Satisfied patients are our most important objective. As a result, in the careful planning of a pending operation an intensive patient consultation with a realistic assessment of what is achievable is paramount.


The general medical clarification of any prior diseases or disorders that may preclude a plastic-aesthetic surgical procedure must form a component of this consultation.


The success of an operation is dependent upon multiple factors:

  • the surgical skill of the doctor performing the operation
  • the co-operation of the patient
  • so-called healing ability
  • a realistic assessment of what is achievable by both parties (doctor and patient)

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