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Chin correction and chin enhancement – Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk in Munich

Strong expression, lasting impression!


A slightly pronounced chin reduces the dynamic impression of youthfulness and assertiveness, as with agenesis of the cheek bone structure.


The chin has a frame function, a weak frame or a strong frame due to its central position at the lower edge of the face. People with a weakly pronounced chin seem rather indecisive, bland and weak.



Surgical procedures for chin construction

In our beauty clinic we have been performing the bony or stable shaping of this region in the chin construction for decades (e.g. chin osteotomy) with state of the art materials (bone substitutes, silicone implants).


If a detailed examination reveals that there is also a deficiency in the soft tissue block, this can be removed with the aid of body fat transplants and hyaluronic injections. If the soft tissue mantle is too big, this can also be reduced.



Complementary therapies and treatment of a double chin

A lack of bone shape must be treated with therapies on the bone and a lack of soft tissue volume must be treated with therapy options on the soft tissue.


Careful differentiation must be guaranteed to achieve a natural and long-term result.


The double chin has a completely different cause from a chin that is too big or too small. It is an excessive fat deposit, which is removed by liposuction or the liposdissolve injection.


Plastic-aesthetic surgery offers many possibilities nowadays. For example, a chin correction can be easily carried out along with a facelift. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Wolfgang Funk is also a specialist in breast enlargement and other surgical procedures on the head, body and skin.



Reports of patient experiences

Thoughts before the operationThoughts before the operation

“Do you know me from the series "Alles ist möglich" on RTL? Then I need not tell you how happy and lucky I am that I no longer have protruding ears, a big nose, a receding jaw, and missing neck contour. I did not believe it, but as you saw in the programme on RTL, everything was possible for me - thank you. By the way, I had an interview in a company that refused me before the operation and employed me after the operation.”





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