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Your radiant appearance! We will open your eyes.


With the expressing of our eyes, we communicate directly with our environment. Drooping eyelids, tear-sacs, swollen eyes, and drooping eyebrows convey a tired, old impression.



Dr Beauty TV: Corrections on the eyelids

The following questions are being addressed in the video:

1. Is eyelid surgery really “beginner surgery”?


2. How must the relation be in the upper lid?


3. What is the relation in the lower lid?


4. What should one not see?


5. What are the clean transitions?


6. What should be the combination between upper lid and lower lid?


7. I have heard that eyelid surgery in the lower eyelid is somewhat more complicated than in the upper eyelid. Why is that?


8. What are all the things that can happen?

Eyelid correction with invisible incision

In eyelid correction, we use an “invisible” incision in the anatomical eyelid fold (in the upper eyelid) or at the lower eyelid edge (the lower eyelid) in order not to reveal the surgical rejuvenation of your eyes. In general, using blepharoplasty [eyelid correction] allows us to correct the signs of age, like as hanging, drooping lids and tear-sacs.



In upper eyelid correction, there are also no scars

Head area


Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient or 1 day

Half-sleep, local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic

Return to everyday life:
After approx. 7 days, depending on the scale of the procedure

In upper eyelid correction, we remove excess skin, muscle and, if necessary, adipose tissue; the remaining scar will be inconspicuous in the fold of the eyelid. The access to the tear-sacs of the lower eyelid is either run via an incision on the lower eyelid edge or directly through the conjunctiva, so the later scar remains "invisible".


In this procedure, too, we remove tissue or store excess tissue around, for example, fat globules. Additional harmonisations can be achieved by injecting the patient's own body fat.


Have you ever thought that you could achieve further aesthetic improvements as part of eyelid surgery? Here you will find information on the topic of facelifts.



Reports of patient experiences

Thoughts before the operationThoughts before the operation

“Narrowing of the field of vision and reduced incidence of light caused by my strongly pronounced upper lids caused me to always pull my forehead upwards. Due to my restricted vision, I no longer felt safe in road traffic, with the lack of light, especially in the autumn, I had a depressive mood and raising my eyebrow gave me one of those tension headaches due to the constant muscle activity. You can also see on a small scale how the anatomy and functionality influence each other.”





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