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Calf sculpting - beautiful calves - Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk

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Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient up to 1 day

Half-sleep, general anaesthetic

Return to everyday life:
Immediately to 1 week

Gracefully curved calves with fine transitions and matching the thighs in shape and circumference create an aesthetic picture.


Many women feel strongly inhibited by too strong or too weakly pronounced calves in the selection of their clothing and in their physical sensations. Out of a feeling of shame, they therefore prefer not to wear modern knee-length skirts and tight trousers.


On this page, we will let you know about how to consciously model your calves at our cosmetic clinic, Dr. Funk, to help you create an appealing and appropriate calf shape for your body.



Calf reduction and enlargement

The pattern of fat distribution is different in every human being. In many cases, women suffer from an increased fat content in the lower legs, which we can reduce with liposuction. How we do liposuction, you can see on the relevant page in the main menu Liposuction - Methods and Risks.


Where the calves are not as pronounced, own fat transplants and implants can be used to recreate a curved shape that is appropriate in ratio.


In both cases it should be noted that given the anatomical position of the calves, we do not recommend operations in this area, if they are large, in the hot time of the year.





If you have any questions about the issue of calf enlargement, calf correction, calf implants, calf construction, please contact us! Individual treatment and consultation must be important for both of us!



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