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Cosmetic operations in the head area - Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk Munich

The face is a mirror of your personality


A person's appearance is primarily perceived and evaluated by their face and the face plays an essential role in human communication. With the help of facial expressions, you express many of your moods, so the face is a mirror of your personality.


At the same time, there is currently a social development in which youth and its attributes, such as attractiveness and vitality, have taken on huge importance. It is therefore not surprising that many people are concerned with the structure and effect of their face and signs of ageing.


Performing cosmetic operations in the head area, especially on the face, is a large part of our treatment spectrum. A particular focus is on the facelift. The facelift allows a general rejuvenation of your face.



Keeping your facial features - Part of our cosmetic philosophy

Our cosmetic clinic has come up with a concept that gears the treatments individually to your face and its expression. A variety of treatment methods and techniques developed according to the latest standards of medical science are available here.


We offer you modern facelift surgery and facial thinning with all aspects such as the brow lift, the neck lift, the mannequin lift, the eyelid tightening, removal of the tear-sacs, the eyebrow lift, doing ears and eye correction plus profile improvement and optimising with nose correction, cheek and chin constructions or corrections partly in some cases using own body fat or implants.


Our concept is based on naturalness and sustainability. The facelift is performed gently so that the expressiveness of your face is maintained. Our goal is to give your look a youthful freshness again.


The cosmetic operation procedure itself is minimally invasive, i.e. with the help of minute cuts. The surgical cut is geared to your face.


Both the facelift and other interventions on the face, e.g. eyelid surgery or nose correction are performed using techniques that leave unobtrusive, almost invisible scars. The minimal invasive treatment also allows for a very short hospital stay and a quick return to everyday life.



A distinctive feature of all our treatments is that that they are carried out by competent staff, under constant consultation, supervision and observation. We determine the selection of a suitable method and a suitable time for the treatment with you in a personal consultation.



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