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Breast enlargement with breast implants - Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk

Breast area


Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient up to 1 day

Half-sleep to general anesthesia

Return to everyday life:
Immediately to 1 week

A large, beautiful breast is considered to be the feminine beauty ideal for most women and men and is an expression of fertility and beauty.


Often, the truth drifts widely away from ideal images and creates with many patients a high level of psychological strain. If you are planning a breast enlargement, the use of implants is the most successful method when it comes to modelling a breast aesthetically.


Breast enlargements are performed very frequently and extremely successfully in our cosmetic clinic. In this surgical procedure, Dr. Funk is regarded as a highly qualified expert and gives his patients the highest quality, both in the choice of implants and during surgery and aftercare.


Dr. Funk can advise you personally on the risks and will deal with your individual questions and ideas in detail.

A relationship of confidence between Dr. Funk as the treating physician and you as the patient is the key to successful breast enlargement.



What breast implants are there?

Dr. Funk will advise you in detail on the choice of implants suitable for you and explain the features of modern silicone implants.


The anatomical requirements are different for every woman, so we will work with you to find you the best implant in terms of shape, size and material.


In our cosmetic clinic, we basically use implants, with an outer sheath made of silicone-plastomer, which is well tolerated by the body. The filling consists of saline solution or silicone gel, and we recommend using implants with silicone gel more often because they feel more natural.

Dr. Funk will present the different finishes and shapes of the silicone implants in a personal consultation and decide with you which implant is suitable for you.



How are breast implants inserted?

Not all breasts are the same, and the same also applies to implants.

Implants can be inserted directly under the muscle, in some cases under the muscle or under the mammary glands.


In doing so, we try to leave the subsequent surgical scar as invisible and inconspicuous as possible. Dr. Funk can perform the incision under the breast fold, with the small scar later being covered by the breast itself. Or they are inserted via an incision in the areola, the armpit, or in the region of the navel.


Dr. Funk will explain the procedure to you in detail during the consultation. Basically, there are different procedures for inserting implants and these are always dependent on your anatomical requirements.


Dr. Funk will find the best approach for you and explain it to you. Arrange a consultation with Dr. Funk in Munich or in our consulting centres in Vienna, Graz or Zurich.



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