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Upper arm lift - Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk in Munich

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Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient up to 1 day


Return to everyday life:
Immediately to 1 week

Enjoy the feeling of wearing sleeveless clothing again without being inhibited!


Many women, and this is not necessarily dependent on age, suffer greatly from the shape and nature of their upper arms. The feeling and visible slackness of the arms is characterised by fat deposits in the upper arm area, by skin sagging and flaccidness and also by cellulite.


With an upper arm lift at our cosmetic clinic, Dr. Funk, we give you the feeling of being able to move around safely with your upper arms free again.


The duration of an upper arm lift is very short. You will only stay with us for a maximum of one day, and depending on the scale of the procedure, you can get back to your daily routine immediately or after a maximum of one week.



What treatment options exist for an upper arm lift?

Depending on the findings and nature of the upper arms and your needs, we decide which cosmetic-operational measure is suitable for you. With small, minimally invasive procedures, we can reduce the amount of fat, for example using a so-called lipodissolve injection or transcutaneous lipectomy, which, however, requires several sessions.


If the fat deposits on the upper arms are medium-sized, we recommend removal of the fat using ultrasound, laser and liposuction. No visible surgical scar is created.


If, however, there is a strong skin excess on the inner arm, we select a hidden incision to remove a larger amount of skin. In this case, the cut pattern and position may vary depending on the indication.


Good advice and the treatment of our patients is our central focus. We always answer your questions individually and respond to your wishes and expectations.



Reports of patient experiences

Thoughts before the operationThoughts before the operation

“Batwings would be cute compared to my upper arms. After the upper arm lift, I could wear sleeveless tops again.”





If you have any questions about upper arm lifts or liposuction on the upper arms, please contact us! Individual treatment and consultation must be important for both of us!



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