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Facial thinning - slim facial shape – Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk

Clear facial structures are attractive!


Beautiful faces are clearly structured, have line and shape. The cheekbone and the middle face show a volume. The lower jaw line is clearly defined.



Dr Beauty TV: How can you change the shape of the face?

The following questions are being addressed in the video:

1. Many people are not satisfied with their facial shape, it is either too narrow or too broad, too narrow, sunk in, particularly in the lower jaw region or in the cheekbone region. What can actually be done about it?


2. Are implants a good way to change the facial shape, or does an osteotomy have to be done?


3. To what extent is (e.g., a lipodissolve injection or liposuction) important in facial thinning?


4. Can Botox also be used for facial narrowing?


5. If I have an orbital ridge that is too pronounced, i.e. I look extremely male as a woman, what can you do?


6. If, for example, I am transgender and I also want to become like a woman outwardly, what can you do there?

Think your face is too full and your look too childlike for you? Help with liposuction ...

Head area


Stay in the clinic:

Local, if desired half-sleep

Return to everyday life:
1-2 days

Some faces still have a childhood fat distribution, which makes them less attractive for an adult. There is help for these people.


Plastic-aesthetic surgery as part of a liposuction process performed with the finest hollow needles or using the lipodissolve injection, can thin and better structure faces, which e.g. have too large volumes in the throat, the chin and the cheek area.



Narrower facial shape using treatment with Botox

A special case is excessive muscle mass in the cheek area, which also makes the facial shape look very voluminous. Here for the facial thinning, the muscle is weakened the in its strength with botulinum toxin and thus the volume of the muscle also reduces and the face looks finer.


On our website you will find a lot more information about surgical procedures to beautify your face. Did you know that Dr. Wolfgang Funk is a specialist in facelifts, liposuction and breast enlargement ?



Reports of patient experiences

Gedanken vor der Operation - gesichtsverdünnung 2Thoughts before the operation

“When my friends went to play football, they annoyed me with their comment: We don’t need a ball because we've got you with us. That is how round my head was. I only weighed 50 kilos at a height of 169 cm - I could not lose any more weight. Facial thinning made my face slim, the comments stopped, and I am happy.”





If you have any questions on the issue of facial shape lifts, please contact us! Individual treatment and consultation must be important for both of us!



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