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Consultation prior to cosmetic surgery - Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk Munich

Consultation and the comprehensive exchange of information are a central element of our philosophy. With these we aim to ensure that you are satisfied when you leave us!



Establishing trust with a comprehensive initial consultation

Plastic-aesthetic surgery has several levels, which can only achieve the desired success together.

  • The patients should express their fears and wishes, what troubles them and what they hope to achieve.
  • The doctor - the surgeon, to be precise - must communicate intensively with the patient in order to translate wishes into medical feasibility.
  • Both must trust each other and have the feeling that there is a mutual understanding.
  • The patient must also accept that the doctor may not consider his or her wishes to be medically acceptable.
  • Both must have the feeling that decisions are taken solely with the welfare of the patient in mind.


All of these statements are subject to the medical expertise of the doctor and the credibility of the patient.



The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is taken jointly following the comprehensive exchange of information

The consultation period only ends when the patient has considered his or her questions, discussed these and understood the information regarding complications, lack of feasibility and feasibility as a whole. This may occur in one or more consultation sessions.


We also consider it important that the consulting doctor is also the doctor that carries out the surgery. Only in this way is it possible to respect and implement the uniqueness of the patients and their wishes in an appropriate way.
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