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Liposuction - Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk in Munich

Plastic surgery is a trend that is enjoying increasing popularity in Germany. One of the most common surgical procedures is liposuction: this aesthetic correction is already performed more than 20,000 times per year in Germany, and the numbers are on the increase.



Removing pads of fat on the body with liposuction

Many people choose liposuction because they see it as the ideal way to eliminate troublesome problem areas. Liposuction serves to remove stubborn pads of fat on the body that cannot be sustainably reduced with either exercise or dieting.


Successful liposuction not only gives the body a more attractive appearance; the operation usually results in a more positive general feeling of wellbeing and self-worth.



Liposuction - a way of enhancing many areas of the body

It is possible in principle to perform liposuction on all parts of the body. However, the most commonly requested areas are the regions around the stomach, waist, buttocks and thighs.


In addition, the operation is frequently also performed on the calves, ankles and around the neck. There are various methods of achieving this, including the ultrasound technique, the tumescent technique and lipopulsing.


When removing large quantities of fat it is usually also necessary to tighten the stomach, as the rapid loss of fat leads to the formation of unsightly folds of skin.


Those interested in liposuction should be aware that it is a surgical operation with the accompanying risks. The choice of operation method, the right clinic and and the surgeon to perform the operation should therefore be made with the greatest of care.


In addition it should also be clear that liposuction does not represent an alternative to losing weight. Heavily overweight people are required to lose weight prior to such an operation.

In the long term, too, liposuction is only satisfactory when accompanied by a change in nutritional habits and regular exercise.





In all cases you should seek comprehensive advice prior to liposuction - you can contact us for a prior consultation at any time via the telephone number in the column on the right. Put your trust in our liposuction experience!



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