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Cheek bone correction for better shaping of the cheek bone.

Head area


Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient - 2 days, depending on the scale of the procedure

Half-sleep or general anaesthetic

Return to everyday life:
Approx. 1 week

Strong expression, lasting impression!


A slightly pronounced cheek bone structure reduces the dynamic impression of youthfulness and assertiveness, as with agenesis of the chin.


The region extends downwards to the cheek and upwards to the lateral eye area. People with an indistinct cheek bone pronounced tend to look older, bland and weak.



Cheek lift and shaping of the cheekbone

In our beauty clinic we have been performing the bony or stable shaping of this region in the cheek lift for decades with the latest techniques in cheekbone correction and modern materials (bone substitutes, silicone implants and spongiosa splitting).


If a detailed examination reveals that there is also a deficiency in the soft tissue block, this can be combined with the aid of body fat transplants and hyaluronic injections or with a mid face lift in this area.



Complementary therapies for contouring the cheek bone

A lack of bone shape must be treated with therapies on the bone and a lack of soft tissue volume must be treated with therapy options on the soft tissue.


Careful differentiation must be guaranteed to achieve a natural and long-term result.


In many cases, it is a good idea to combine a cheek bone enhancement with further surgical procedures on the face. On our website you will also find information on the subject of facelifts, breast enlargement and many other aesthetic-surgical procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery.



Reports of patient experiences

Thoughts before the operationThoughts before the operation

“My face was already flat, and the fact that I had no cheek bone made it even flatter and uncontoured. After the cheek bone construction, I had more shape and contour in the face and in addition I looked softer and more feminine.”





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