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A beautiful mouth needs no words!

The lips enjoy particular attention because of their location, their communicative ability and their stimulus potential. In a very special way, this applies to women, although one must not forget the men.



Use lip corrections to create harmony in your face

Head area


Stay in the clinic:

Local, if desired half-sleep

Return to everyday life:
Immediately, (slight swelling 1-2 days)

The lips and the mouth should blend harmoniously into the shape of the face. They should never dominate the face and they must support the eyes and the entire facial expression.


Likewise, geographical basic forms must be taken into account; a European mouth has a different shape from that of an African mouth.


The mouth shape is composed of:

  • Lip framework
  • Body of the lips
  • White portion of the lips


The lip framework, i.e. the structures at the border between the red-white portion of the lips on the upper and lower lip. The lip framework is characterised by a clear, i.e. the structure determining the border between the red-white portions of the lips, which in most cases should be discreetly shaped.


The body of the lip is composed of the red portion of the upper lip and the lower lip and supports the lip shape with its natural fullness.


The white portion of the upper lip extends from the nose to the lip framework or red portion of the lip. The lower lip white portion from the red portion of the lip to the hollow of the chin. The white portion of the lip should flow without any wrinkles into the body of the lip.



How are lip enhancements carried out?

The treatment concept of lip correction includes all 3 dominating structures.


The white portion of the lip is underlaid with a filling material e.g. a low-viscosity hyaluronic acid [e.g. Restylane Vital or Restylane] and smoothed.

For extremely deep wrinkles, a peeling must be carried out in addition to the lip injection, e.g. by laser, dermabrasion or chemical peeling. This completes the appearance of the white portion of the lip.


The lip framework requires a very different treatment from that of the white portion of the lips, it is aligned horizontally to the white portion of the lip, and must be distinguished from it [show edge]

In the case of the lip framework, work is carried out with more stable materials, e.g. a firmer hyaluronic acid [e.g. Restylane LIP or perlane], which causes a smooth transition from the white portion of the lip to the lip framework and further into the body of the lip due to its dimensional stability.


The lip body, whose charms we often highlight with lipstick, is intended to underline the naturalness of the mouth, which must convince with a balanced body shape, elaborate light curves and, above all, natural consistency. One should not feel the volume.

In this case, it is also possible to use a hyaluronic acid or algae product which is stable in volume and shape in the lipoplasty. Products that can cause a foreign body reaction are not part of our repertoire. The health and safety of our patients are of paramount importance.


In the treatment concept of cheiloplasty, lateral asymmetry of the lip shape must also be mentioned, and must also be adjusted or balanced. A beautiful mouth impresses with balanced naturalness.





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