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Beauty to go - minimally invasive procedures - Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk in Munich

In almost everyone, the ageing process is shown by the development of deep wrinkles and the narrowing of the facial features.

Hard facial lines and wrinkles dominate the facial expression and the reason for this is that the adipose tissue is destroyed under the skin. On the other hand, phenomena such as cellulite on the arms or legs interfere with the overall impression. In our clinic, we have a wide range of mostly outpatient, minimally invasive procedures, we call them Beauty to Go, which provide you with a quick and inconspicuous remedy.



Body fat and stem cell therapy on the face - look younger!

Excellent results can be achieved in the facial area with the body fat treatment. Latest results show that the autologous fat transfer does not migrate and gives the face natural volume and banishes signs of skin ageing in your face. The additional treatment with stem cell therapy can further enhance this effect, since the administration of isolated stem cells or stem cells transferred with the adipose cell can be used to renew the subcutaneous adipose tissue.



Cosmetic corrections with Botox

Modern Botox therapy allows easy facial expression. Our guideline is to provide a differentiated view of you as a patient or patient and to evaluate the treatment of facial expressions, pull and tension wrinkles individually with Botox. In a second step, if necessary, we add volume by injecting collagen, hyaluronic acid or algal products to achieve the best possible result. We would; be delighted to answer any detailed questions you may have about Botox at our cosmetic clinic in Munich.


In addition to neurosurgery and surgical procedures, the treatment of excessive sweating can also be treated minimally invasively with the administration of Botox.



Needling, Vampire lift, thread lift, or adipose cell evacuation for a young and fresh look

Needling is a relatively new and successful method in wrinkle therapy. Microscopically small injuries of the skin stimulate cell renewal and collagen build-up. In two to three outpatient sessions at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks, you will have an excellent result after about 3 months. Your skin will look significantly rejuvenated, firmer and your wrinkles will be significantly reduced. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about the benefits of needling! Just contact us.



“Vampire lift“ – Inject wrinkles with your own blood plasma

We generate platelet-rich plasma from a small amount of venous blood, which we inject back, similar to mesotherapy. The plasma is rich in so-called cytokines and causes the formation of new connective tissue in your body. As a result, wrinkles are reduced by themselves. We would of course be delighted to answer any other questions you may have on plasma-lifts.



Thread lift - get rid of wrinkles quickly and easily

Women between the ages of 40 and 60 suffer from wrinkles on the upper lips, sagging cheeks or generally due to the aging process, from the loss of firmer contours in the facial area. Many women often only want to get rid of small annoying wrinkles and therefore do not consider a classic facelift.  


With a thread lift, you can successfully treat these annoying wrinkles on the neck, cleavage, facial and nasolabial folds in an outpatient procedure.


In a thread lift with a needle into the adipose tissue under the collagen fibre-rich skin layer, the treating physician uses special surgical threads, which come with small cones or barbed hooks.


These threads used cause the skin to contract in the treated facial region. Around these threads used, small scarring is formed making your skin look firmer and smoother. The threads dissolve in the tissue after 10 to 15 months, but the tightening effect remains up to 18 months, depending on the number of threads used and the area treated.



Adipose cell evacuation

Adipose cell evacuation is a painless, outpatient procedure that we use in the treatment of cellulite. Adipose cell evacuation promotes the tightening of the connective tissue and the vitalisation of the collagen fibres and the result is permanently visible 48 hours after the procedure! The Body Point method can also be used for permanent hair removal. We would be happy to provide you with information on the possibilities of adipose cell evacuation.



Beauty to Go - our offer in the area of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery

  • Botox - dynamic muscle relaxation
  • Wrinkle reduction with hyaluronic acid
  • Own fat and stem cell therapy
  • Cellulite treatment - skin reinforcement and fat cell reduction (lipodissolve)
  • Neckline and cleavage - anatomic regeneration of the skin through stem cell activation
  • Sweating - curettage and botox treatment
  • Mesotherapy - 3-step concept - medicinal needling, vitamin and hyaluronic acid cocktail
  • Skin peeling - dermabrasio and chemical peeling
  • Fat cell drainage (ultrasound)
  • Depilation with flash lamp
  • Attractive knees, attractive elbows and attractive hands
  • Permanent make-up



You as the patient are our central focus, so we take time in our cosmetic clinic in Munich to answer your questions about Botox, vampire lift, thread lift, adipose cell evacuation, hyperhidrosis, plasma-lifting, adipose cell and stem cell therapy!



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