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If one or both of the auricles protrude more than 30 ° from the head or the distance between the margin of the auricle and the head is more than 20 mm, these are referred to as protruding ears (otapostasis), also referred to in slang as "big ears".



Doing ears - Removing ‘big ears’

In order to save children and adolescents from being mocked by their peers, parents should be concerned about the correct position of the ears early enough.


This is usually done at the preschool stage, between 4 and 6 years of age. The early time of ear surgery is intended to prevent subsequent annoyance from the teasing of their classmates.


The surgical techniques have greatly improved in otoplasty techniques in recent years, with the result that a beautiful harmonious result can be achieved in most cases.


Scars are generally not visible, since the incision is made in the ears behind the ear, in the ear fold.



Enhancement by correction of the earlobes

The ear is characterised by its differentiation in the ear lobes and the body of the ear. The earlobe stands out with a full, slightly curving shape. The value of the earlobe is always underestimated.


However, if one sees that the earlobe is used in earliest childhood to wear earrings and the ear jewellery worn for life, only changes with the taste of the times, then one sees the assessment of the ear lobes in a completely different way.


With age, the earlobe becomes longer, thinner and wrinkled, and the ear holes enlarge. The targeted therapy using an earlobe correction can fill up the volume, return the youthful swing to the shape and reduce the ear hole. As a rule, the procedure is not visible and is not time-consuming.



Reports of patient experiences

Thoughts before the operationThoughts before the operation

“I suffered for years with my big ears and therefore could never have a fashionable short haircut. Today I enjoy wearing my hair the way I want.”





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