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The complexity of the nose is evident in its position in the centre of the face and by its function - adding moisture to inhaled air, regulation of air intake and as the organ for the sense of smell.



When should a nose correction be carried out?

In a nose correction the surgeon must include all of the functions of the nose in his operation plan. The character-forming structure of the nose concerns the so-called outer nose, which should always align itself to the individual facial structure.


A nose that displays characteristic structures and suits the type of person does not always require surgery. It is therefore always necessary to incorporate the wishes of the patient, the character structure of the face itself and the function of the nose must all consequently be taken into account in planning.


Essential ideal forms of nose structure - male and female - can serve as aids here, with these capable of being achieved in the majority of cases. The objective should never be a so-called standard nose, but an individual nose that suits the face.


In nose correction Roman noses, noses with deformed tips, crooked noses that inhibit function, septum deviation, short noses and all combinations of these that inhibit function have been treated at our clinic for over 30 years as one of our specialisations. Similarly, pre-operated noses and so-called re-noses are also included in our repertoire.



How are nose corrections performed?

In over 90 % of cases rhinoplasty does not leave external scarring. Reworking of bone and gristle as well as reforming are undertaken completely internally.


If gristle structures are required for the forming of the nose, these are generally taken from the gristle of the ear, in order to avoid introducing disruptive foreign material into the body and to achieve a natural result.


In addition to plastic-aesthetic surgery to improve the appearance of your nose, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Wolfgang Funk also performs other operations - here you can access the overview page for the field of facelifts on our website.





If you have any other questions regarding nose operations, nose correction, nose reduction, rhinoplasty, hook nose, Roman nose or septoplasty, then get in contact with us. Individual consulting and treatment is important to both of us!



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