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Lifting eyebrows

The shape and position of the eyebrows are a crucial component in terms of the overall aesthetic impression of the face. They are a way of reflecting our facial expressions and support non-verbal communication.


The more symmetrical and curved they are in women and the more expressive in men, the more attractive we judge a face. But not every eyebrow is symmetrical; this is a whim of nature or they start to drop due to the natural ageing process.


Asymmetrical and hanging eyebrows make us look angry, sullen and unfriendly, diminish our gaze and make us look old.

With an eyebrow lift in our beauty clinic, we can create an attractive positive change in the area around the eyes. The procedure is carried out in half-sleep or under local anaesthesia and is also possible on an outpatient basis in our cosmetic clinic.



Eyebrow lift – what do we do?

Head area

Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient, or up to 1 day

Half-sleep, local anaesthetic

Return to everyday life:
After approx. 7 days depending on the scale of the procedure

There are different surgical techniques for lifting the eyebrows.


We discuss the possibilities in detail with our patients. The mostly lateral elevation of the eyebrows opens the area around the eyes and creates a younger, positive look.


During surgery, we place the cut either on the upper eyebrow edge or on the hairline to keep it as hidden as possible.


The eyebrows are raised and any asymmetries that may be present are compensated.Postoperatively, the scars are "invisible" after the wound heals. The eyebrows can, of course, also be corrected as of a face lift or forehead lift .



Reports of patient experiences

Thoughts before the operation

“The desire for surgery came through my children, who were constantly asking me if I was tired, sad, or in a bad mood. I got advice and after the expert consultation, I realised that I would like to have an open, positive and more youthful look. I decided to have my eyebrows lifted as part of an endoscopic forehead lift, so successfully that everyone now treats me kindly and approaches me openly, which makes me happy.”





If you have any questions about eyebrow lifts, forehead lifts or brow lifts, please contact us! Individual treatment and consultation must be important for both of us!



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