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Hand rejuvenation - nice hands even in old age - Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk

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Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient up to 1 day


Return to everyday life:
Immediately to 1 week

Well-groomed hands are now as much part of an aesthetic appearance as a flawless complexion. Unfortunately, age spots, bony hands, protruding veins, and gaunt hands always reveal a woman's real age.


At our beauty clinic in Munich, you will find a host of differentiated therapies available to keep the signs of ageing in your hands at bay. We usually perform hand rejuvenation on an outpatient basis with the patient in a half sleep, and our patients can return to their daily routine very quickly, depending on the individual procedure.


This page shows you how we can work therapeutically and what options modern cosmetic surgery offers.



Hand rejuvenation - possible therapies

Signs of ageing on the hands are different in each patient and make different treatment strategies necessary.


We remove unpleasant ageing spots, for example, with laser or peeling therapy, while we treat thin, wrinkled skin with different filling substances. With an own body fat treatment we can cover tendons, veins and bone structures.


In exceptional cases, surgical hand lifting can also be performed. Aesthetic hand surgery has been carried out with great experience in our clinic for twenty years.


The goal is to remove the ageing spots, make the skin look fuller and tighter, and the back of the hand harmonious, so as to recognise the freshness and youthfulness on the hand.


Contact us if you have any questions about hands, hand tightening, hand lifting. We will advise you in detail and explain our therapeutic measures for hand rejuvenation!



Reports of patient experiences

Thoughts before the operationThoughts before the operation

“My hands became ever bonier and my tendons and veins became more and more visible, and then there the ageing spots as well. You used to be able to wear gloves but in our modern society, that is not that fashionable any more. The laser removed my ageing spots and a body fat transplant with stem cell concentration rejuvenated the appearance of the back of my hands. Hyaluronic acid tightened my skin.”





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