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Reduction of the labia / labiaplasty - Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk in Munich

Body area


Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient up to 1 day

Local – half-sleep

Return to everyday life:
Immediately to 1 day, sex 1–4 weeks

The modern, self-confident woman has also integrated shaving in the intimate area into her intimate hygiene. As a result, anatomical structures that were previously visually protected now become visible. Changes in size, fullness and shape become visible.


When you are older, the fullness of the larger labia is reduced, and the necessary volume can be recovered in a labioplasty using an own body fat transplant. The internal labia are changed in shape by the birth process or can be genetically overdeveloped.


The change in shape in the intimate area is not only an aesthetic component, but can also interfere everyday with wearing trousers, cycling or other sporting activities and lead to minor skin injuries. Recurring inflammations can also be the result of unfavourable anatomical conditions.



Surgical procedures in the area of the labia

Modern intimate surgery respects the functionality of the inner and outer labia and their emotional experience, improves form and function and makes the patient safer in her everyday life.


Procedure options:

  • Reduction of the mons veneris
  • Construction of the large labia, having become flaccid over time
  • Reduction and re-shaping of the inner labia
  • Transsexual surgery of external sexual characteristics





If you have any questions on the issue of labiaplasty, reduction of the labia, liposuction of the mons veneris, please contact us! Individual treatment and consultation must be important for both of us!



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