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Body shaping / Body contouring - Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk in Munich

In plastic-aesthetic surgery, there are numerous treatment measures to consciously harmonise body parts and achieve aesthetic contours. Often, severe weight fluctuations, weak connective tissue and dieting are the cause of the stomach, legs, bottom and arms losing their original beauty.


Which form of treatment is suitable for you as a patient in body contouring is always strongly dependent on the nature of the affected body region and is specifically discussed with you at our cosmetic clinic, Dr. Funk, in order to achieve the best possible harmonious result for you.



What procedures are required to achieve body re-shaping?

The fat distribution pattern, which is corrected by liposuction and fat tissue redistribution, i.e. fat tissue grafting (bottom construction, breast construction, bottom lifting, calf construction, balancing of body irregularities), plays a significant part in body contouring.


The fat distribution pattern is individual and different in each patient, so that we always judge the individual case exactly and then choose the appropriate measure for body shaping. If it seems advisable, we remove excess skin tissue and fat deposits and at the same time tighten the skin area treated.


More detailed information on body shaping can also be found on the pages Breast area, Body area, and Transsexual operations. If you want more detailed information, please contact us!



Reports of patient experiences

Thoughts before the operationThoughts before the operation

“Although I was very slim, I still had slight saddlebags, which annoyed me a lot when wearing tight clothes, which I had otherwise no problem wearing. Sports, diet were no use, but smaller liposuction removed the excess fat and I was rid of these areas of concern forever. My skinny jeans are now fun again.”





If you have any questions about body lifting or body contouring with body fat, please contact us! Individual treatment and consultation must be important for both of us!


We would also be happy to provide you with personal information about body shaping. The telephone number can be found via the navigation.



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