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Facelift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty etc – an overview of the services offered by Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk

Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk is a clinic for aesthetic and plastic surgery. This field is a very broad one, with specialised surgical techniques and procedures available for every part of the body. It is therefore unsurprising that specific focal points exist here. What specific services can you take advantage of at Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk? Our four focal points are facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty (nose correction).





With facelifting it is important that you are completely satisfied with the results - because the face expresses your personality and character the most, which means that it is important not to make any compromises here. You benefit from Dr. Funk's extensive experience and comprehensive training to receive an optimal and above all natural result with your facelift.



Breast augmentation


Breast augmentation is the best-known area of plastic-aesthetic surgery. Breasts are a symbol of femininity, but if someone is not happy with their breasts, this small flaw can soon develop into a psychological burden. Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk uses only the latest, carefully-tested materials for breast augmentation. Together with the outstanding expertise and extensive experience of Dr. Funk, you are in good hands with us.





Liposuction is another familiar cosmetic surgery procedure. Exercise and healthy nutrition are important for an attractive, slim figure, but a dream weight is not always accompanied by an optimal figure. Small pads of fat and problem areas simply refuse to disappear - and this is where Dr. Funk comes in. Long years of experience and extensive training make Dr. Funk the best choice for liposuction.



Rhinoplasty - nose correction


The function of the nose extends far beyond purely physical functions, it plays a key part in facial expression. A deformation of the nose such as a hook, Roman or saddle nose is highly noticeable due to the position in the centre of the face. Dr. Funk specialises in the correction of such malposition and deformation - especially important here, as errors are particularly visible. With Dr. Funk you benefit from extensive experience and great surgical skill.



Four focal points and much more besides

We have set ourselves four focal points, however, we can also help you in other areas of cosmetic surgery with our excellent services.

  • Cosmetic surgery on the head
    In the area of the head, beyond the focal points already mentioned we also offer eyebrow lifting, wrinkle reduction via botox, facial slimming, hair transplantation, cheek bone and chin correction, eyelid correction, lip correction, ear correction and full profile surgery.
  • Breast area
    In the breast area there are more options available than "just" augmentation. Breast tautening and reduction, nipple correction, the balancing of breast asymmetry and other anomalies and treatment of capsular fibrosis are some of our more frequently-performed operations. Naturally, we can also improve the male chest, too.
  • Body area
    Liposuction may be accompanied by parallel stomach tautening. Similarly, at Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk we also carry out hand rejuvenation, knee shaping, general body shaping, upper arm tautening, thigh tautening, shaping of the buttocks, labia and lower legs.
  • Skin beauty
    As the largest organ in the human body, we naturally also take care of the skin, which we can restore to youthfulness and radiance using various techniques. Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk offers you different treatment options for the neckline and cleavage, dermabrasion, own fat and stem cell therapies, skin peeling and special treatment to counteract excessive sweating.
  • Transsexual surgery
    Living in the wrong body is a frequently underestimated psychological burden for those affected. Schönheitsklinik Dr. Funk can also help you in this area, we specialise in the treatment and improvement of the appearance of the secondary sexual characteristics.
  • Beauty to Go
    These treatment forms from the various areas detailed above can also be carried out in an out-patient capacity, with little time involved. This treatment includes fat cell emptying, injecting wrinkles with botox, own fat and stem cell therapy, treatment for excessive sweating, needling and the increasingly popular "vampire lifting".



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