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Breast enlargement in the Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk in Munich

Many women want a well-shaped body with harmonious curves and a well developed chest.


The decision to go for breast enlargement is always associated with the idea of ​​feeling comfortable in your own body again and of being more attractive and achieving a feminine look, and thus more self-confidence with an aesthetically shaped breast.


If you do not feel feminine enough, because your breast has too little volume, your breasts are asymmetrical, or because you suffer from a loss of shape in the chest, we can make considerably enhance your self-esteem, your feminine radiance and thus your overall appearance with a plastic aesthetic breast enlargement.


In our beauty clinic, breast enlargement is one of the most frequently performed plastic-aesthetic operations. Dr. Funk and his medical team have successfully carried out many procedures and work to the latest and highest medical standards.



Dr Beauty TV: Breast enlargement

The following questions are being addressed in the video:

1. When people talk about breast enlargement, you often hear words like “on the pectoral muscle”, “under the pectoral muscle”, “round implants”, “anatomical implants” (which are also called “drop-shaped”), or “breast enlargement with body fat” , How can I, as a patient, choose from all this variety of possibilities?


2. How long does an implant last?


3. I have heard that you should have the implant replaced after 10 years?

When should you arrange a consultation in our clinic?

If you are dissatisfied with the shape or the size of your breasts, or even suffer from psychological distress, we can discuss in a personal consultation how to improve how you see your body with breast enlargement.


We will discuss your goals and wishes with you and explain the result that can be achieved after breast enlargement.


Our goal in the consultation is always to provide you with a realistic picture of possible results from breast augmentation.



What surgical procedures are available for breast enlargement?

Breast area


Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient up to 1 day

Half-sleep to general anaesthesia

Return to everyday life:
Immediately to 1 week

In our beauty clinic, we carry out breast enlargements using the most modern surgical procedures. If you decide to go for breast enlargement at our cosmetic clinic, we will clarify with you as a patient, which procedure is most beneficial for you.


The best known procedure for breast enlargement is the insertion of silicone implants. They give a natural result and are high stable and safe. We will work with you beforehand to determine the most suitable implant for you.


Breast reconstruction using a body fat transplant is an attractive alternative to silicone implants. However, this method is only possible in patients who have sufficient and removable body fat and want to go up by one cup size.


Dr. Funk operates in Munich. We regularly conduct consultations in Vienna, Graz and Zurich and provide detailed information on breast enlargement and breast reduction.


Make an appointment for a consultation and find out about your individual options for your breast enlargement.



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