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Breast enlargement with body fat - Cosmetic clinic Dr. Funk Munich

Breast area


Stay in the clinic:
Outpatient up to 1 day

Half-sleep to general anaesthesia

Return to everyday life:
Immediately to 1 week

Breast enlargement by transplanting your own fat is a modern and innovative process, also called lipostructure, lipofilling or own-fat transplantation.


In the professional world, this new method has been critically discussed in the past, but it is now known that fatty tissue transplants can not migrate and be introduced uniformly when they have integrated.


A body-fat transplant represents an alternative method to breast enlargement with implants and provides best results.


One of the greatest benefits of this method is that the body fat is removed from the fat-rich body regions, such as the belly or the thighs, processed and implanted in the breasts.


Complications that may arise with other surgical methods for breast enlargement are excluded in own fat transplants, as they do not lead to a defensive reaction, because own adipose cells are not rejected by the body.


We achieve stable and aesthetically excellent results with breast enlargement with body fat transplants in our cosmetic clinic.



What are the benefits of breast enlargement with body fat?

In other methods of breast enlargement, in which foreign substances are introduced into the breast, there is always the risk of capsular fibrosis or the implant slipping. These risks naturally do not exist with the use of body fat cells, nor are there any allergic reactions to the body fat, nor is it rejected by the body. Also, there is no implant wear, which results in subsequent postoperative procedures for implant replacement.


Even breasts already operated on can be "improved" with body fat, which greatly reduces the visibility and palpability of the silicone implants already used, and even "dents", for example after the operative removal of a breast carcinoma, can be balanced out with body fat.


Because of the liposuction associated with your own fat transplant, you can solve two problems, because the donor region (usually thigh, abdomen, or buttocks) can also be shaped to your liking and made slimmer.
In contrast to breast enlargement with implants, the incisions in the skin are much smaller and the resulting scars are not visible.



What happens in the body fat transplant for breast enlargement?

The procedure usually takes place under a general anaesthesia, but may also be performed under local anaesthesia and half-sleep if necessary.


In contrast to "normal liposuction, the body fat transplantation is carried out with a much lower suction so that the adipose cells sucked-out are as far as possible not destroyed. The holes in the probes are also smaller, so that the fat lobules suctioned are the ideal size. We work with the WAL system, a system developed in Germany, in which liposuction is supported by a water jet.

After the liposuction, the body fat is cleaned, while medication and inflammatory substances are removed. Excess liquid is separated from the adipose cells by centrifugation. From the suction to the injection, the body fat remains in a closed system, significantly reducing the risk of infections and impurities.

The fat is then injected into the breast via small punctures. Later, these punctures are hardly visible or not at all - no scars remain. Of course, part of the injected fat is removed from the body after surgery. With the above-described preparation of the body fat, about 50-75% of the injected fat remains in the treatment area.



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